1 hour Consultation

Why are wedding consultation important?

It is the utmost important tool before your wedding! It gives me an insight into how I can meet and execute your expectations and you get to know my story! It'll give you the chance to preview my work and ask me a ton of questions!
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Let's start planning


What goes on during the consultation?

During the consultation, you will get the opportunity to exchange your expectations and ideas on what you'd love to have captured on your wedding day!
We'll get to discuss the coverage, the must-have photographs in depths, how I work, I will be sharing with you my work and what you can expect from me and my team

Will there be a charge for the consultation?

Not at all, this is the best time to engage and ask questions to give me a better insight on how your wedding day will unfold

The session is free of charge

Will I have a copy of what we discussed during the consultation?

You will be receiving an email with the next steps! Based on what was discussed, I will be sharing a contract and Wedding questionnaire to help me better assist you on your wedding day!