Now that we've got the location out of the way, let's get ready together! I wasn’t lying when I said that, I would stick to you just like your bff. aha! Help me, help you choose the ideal outfit for your photo session!

I will be sharing a few tips that can help you achieve the dreamy & clean look you desire!

Whether it’s for the invitation cards, decor for your wedding day or any other special purposes.


9 tips to get you PREPARED for your ENGAGEMENT session!

❀ 1. The day before your session

The best advice I can give you the day before your session is to dedicate 3-4 hours to gathering every accessory needed for your session. This will allow you both to bond over the ideas you have put together and avoid feeling overwhelmed on the day of your session.

❀ 2. Treat yourselves

I looveee capturing detailed photos! There will be plenty of close-up photos of your engagement ring, your noses rubbing each other, hugging, kissing, holding hands, I'm sure you want your hands and nails looking their best!

❀ 3. Makeup Artist, hairdresser, Barber...

if you've requested the help of a professional hairdresser, makeup artist, barber it's always good to book them 2-3 hours before your session depending on how much you have to get done. My advice is to also ask about the duration, that way you have a better idea of how to make it work with your preparation time

❀ 4. Must-Have Photographs

It's always such a pleasure to photograph specific poses! Why not prepare a must-have list? Yes! you can send them to me! If you find your calendar fully occupied which may have resulted in you being unable to write them down, it's not a problem, we can always discuss this in one of our meetings!

❀ 5. Bring anything that means something to you ...

help me write your love story through these images, bring anything that expresses your romance, any first date memory? a first love letter? your first movie ticket?

anything that means the most to you, bring it! It can always be your cat or your dog

❀ 6. Comfort over anything

Be mindful about the location, if it requires us to walk a lot maybe bring some sneakers and have your heels handy. Wear something that compliments your body, nothing that may cause discomfort, something in which you can move around, I promise you, there will be dancing involved!

❀ 7. Your favorite PlayList

I will be bringing my speaker! Do you know what that means? yes, correct! Dancing is involved! I am convinced that you have created your wedding playlist already. If not, that gives you both an opportunity to select the songs that best describe your love story Send me a list, I am eager to sing along with you both!

❀ 8. Outfits

Neutral Tones, Solids, and Layering – Neutral tones and Pastels colors photograph the best!

whether it is Blush, short blues, light grays, & cream are great starting points, and most importantly,

Choosing patterns and colors that don’t conflict with the background. Inside of patterns uses textures. Flowy dresses, blazers, non-patterned scarfs and cardigans, leather, and layers! Make sure your outfits are complimenting each other!

❀ 9. Rest...

don't forget to REST!

I need you to be on your A-game! Don't forget to bring your smiles, your silliness, and your boldness! Images speak louder than words, don't overthink too much about your session. I promise to make it fun!

Overall don't forget you are each other's rock! Lean on each other when needed!


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Beautiful right?

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