Let’s create your fairytale novel through still memories


At Amy Jules Photography, we are storytellers. We want to create your childhood fairytale dreams & novels through still memories. Although it is not written with words, I am a strong believer that wedding photographs are here to help others read your love story.

Plus, you get to keep these memories forever! …I mean who wouldn’t want that?

My number one goal, despite documenting your day, is to also provide you with guidance. How stressful is it already to plan your wedding and to make sure that everything is in order? Phew! Let me be the one to guide you through your poses, capture your candid moment, carry your dress and so much more!

Now that I know you are browsing through the my page, I can already tell that we have something in comment! From the small details to capturing your “ I do’s” and plenty more of your special moments. The purpose is to document the highlights of your day just as bright and airy as your lofe for one another. I find that bright and airy with editorial flair, brings soft and elegant touch to your photographs.


Why book with Amy Jules Photography?

- The extraordinary experience that will remain with you forever

- Experience in natural and off-camera light

-Many years of experience working professionally as a photographer »

-tools will be provided to help you and your fiance stay organized before your wedding day

- meetings/following up calls and messages

- I will create a fun atmosphere for you and your fiance throughout your day!

Our Philosophy

We continually strive for the best, with simplicity will remaining as detailed as possible. We love to keep it transparent and upfront about everything. Hence why we have added our rates on this page to have an overview of what your investments will look like! It makes the process less stressful, and easy for you and your lover!

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