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Let’s leave footprints for those who encounter with your brand


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Embody the brand already within you

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Find purpose, and visualize it!

Meet Sarah Amy

Hi, I am Sarah. I am a brand photographer and soon to be your new photographer. I began with an undeniable passion for photography at a very young age, which then led to the official launch of Amy Jules Photography in August 2018. I studied in psychology which I can now use to my advantage because as this concepts evokes emotions wether it be comfort, excitement, or familiarity. I am now mixing both of my passions together. In January 2023, I decided that it was time to take it to the next level. By doing so, I officially took the leap of faith and turned my hobby into my full-time career. My focus is providing brand uplifts to businesses, content creators as well as interior designers. 

With ten (10) years of devotion and expertise in photography, I find myself mastering my craft and documenting stately and gleaming photographs for my clients. My photography approach is pristine and bright with a touch of editorial. My love for fine art photography continues to grow every day. For the past few years, I have been honored to work with various businesses such as Moissy Fine jewelry, which led to having some of my photos published in the Westboro Village newspaper for capturing the highlights of Moissy Fine Jewellery’s grand opening. 

With many years of hard work, I continued to work with other businesses such as The Cosmetic Clinic, Luxe Blooms, The Agency Real Estate & Engel Völkers to bring a new look to their brand. I have also gained experience in the wedding industry by working with wedding vendors in capturing styled shoots. My work got published in Black Bride 1998, With Love Bridal & Bridal Musings.

My polished sense of aesthetics and my willingness to reveal the beauty of a moment makes the photographs timeless. When clients express my craft in words they often refer to it as “elegant” combined with “simplicity”  “authentic” and “inspiring”. What I thrive for is creating footprints in the lives of those I  encountered and make sure that by the end of the session, they have gained even more confidence than when we just started the session. 

I  believe that the experience is what creates indelible memories which add more meaning to a photo and leave a lasting impression.

Meet The on-set production team!

Meet Sumaiya

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Photographer Assistant

About Sumaiya

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Sumaiya is also a passionate photographer. She is the master behind the BTS photos and videos. She also thrives to assist you through your entire shoot and provide guidance with your poses. She is all about making you feel confident!

Meet Camila

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On-set Professional stylist and Production assistance

About Camila

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Camila started working in the fashion as soon as she turned 16, and her motivation moved up to the managerial ranks quickly. Today she is a professional fashion stylist who guides thriving professionals to elevate their image.

The Process



By submitting your inquiry you will be in touch with me within 24-48 hours.

In the description box, you can provide as much information about the vision you have for your request.

Discovery Call

I will be sending you dates on which we will schedule a video or phone call to discuss this project. The consultation will be the duration of 20 minutes to highlight the ideas that you have for your brand. A formal consultation will be provided after the contract has been signed and the retention fee has been paid.


Once the contract and invoice have been completed, we will plan for the session.

Whether it’s location scouting, creating a Mood-board, talk about your outfits and the setting you’d like to have. This will be the perfect time to look more in-depth

Ready... set... action!

The day you and I have been dreaming about. The photo session day!

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